Todd Rogers – 2008 Beijing Olympic Gold Medalist

Over the past several years I have watched Steven mature from a young high school beach volleyball junky to a serious beach volleyball professional.  He started out as a top amateur youth player and has now pushed himself all the way to the professional ranks.  He has worked his way up the “totem pole” from the bottom of the qualifier, to mid-tier in the qualifier, to top ranked in the qualifier in AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Events.  With his desire to be the best he can be and  the work ethic to go along with that, I have no doubt that the next step, becoming an AVP main draw player, will be accomplished soon.  It is refreshing and rare to see a young man of Steven’s age be so driven and committed to be the best he can be.  That is why he has a standing invitation to train with me as I know he will always push me.  He also happens to be a young man of upstanding character and integrity and a guy I would have no problem inviting into my home to break bread with.  There is no doubt in my mind that Steven will be successful on the beach as well as anything else he decides to do.

Mike Braid – MSEd, AT, ATC – Shoreline Sport & Spine

I have been an athletic trainer for 25 years and I have had the opportunity to work with athletes of all levels from youth sports to Olympic athletes.  Over the past 3 years I have had the pleasure of working with Stevo Vanderwerp beginning with rehabilitating him back from injury to sports performance training.  I can say that I have not dealt with many athletes at his age that are as focused, committed, and dedicated to reaching his dream of playing Beach Volleyball at the highest level. When I first started training Stevo I had a hard time believing that he was a “good” athlete.  I now can say that he is a “great” athlete. But what is still amazing is that I believe that he has another level that he can achieve, physically. I have no doubt that he will reach it.  As a matter of fact, I know he will reach it!  I feel fortunate to work with him on a daily basis and I look forward to watching him compete on the highest stage in his sport! 

Pete Goers – Former Avp Player & current MPVA, EVP, and Avp-Next Open Champion

Quite simply Stevo VanderWerp is the future of beach volleyball. His ability and natural talent are matched only by his insatiable drive to improve and love of the game. He has a strong foundation in the fundamentals and works harder than anyone I know to become better.  Steve is mature beyond his years.  He plays with the same confidence and prowess as the more experienced players he partners with.  His offensive skills, and “never say die” approach to defense make him a legitimate threat to win anytime he steps on the court. 

Rick Rykse – President – Midwest Professional Volleyball Association

For nearly 20 years I have been involved with the promotion and operation of beach volleyball events while also coaching aspiring athletes of all ages. During that time I have worked with many driven athletes who went on to successful college careers. None was more driven or worked harder than Stevo. I have watched Stevo progress from a young player with a lot of potential into a proven professional that has found success at every level. With his combination of athleticism and work ethic Stevo will continue to rise to the top of beach volleyball. 

Karch – 3 time Olympic Gold Medalist, greatest player in beach volleyball history

Watch out beach players, the kid who almost wore my dad out in pepper when Stevo was six years old – he is making his climb. As my dad, a savvy judge of volleyball talent said then, “That kid has way better ball control than you did when you were young, Karch – he is really something special.” He’s hungry to scale more mountaintops so be careful if you get in his way.

Dave Williams – Former Managing Director, Beach USA Volleyball

Stevo didn’t grow up in California, wasn’t blessed with size or speed.  Instead he was blessed with parents who taught him the value of hard work.  He may lose but he’ll never quit; and he plays every play till the whistle blows. 

Kerri Walsh – 3 Time Olympic Gold Medalist